On Blog Construction

I have a giant (200-line) list of requirements for this blog. I’ve thrown the whole damn thing out. I might care about SEO, analytics, or OpenGraph in the future.

Iterations I’ve gone through: 1. Custom Bootstrap solution: discarded because every Bootstrap site looks the same. 2. Custom Foundation solution: I love Zurb. They are great people, and I was fortunate to get to talk to them a bit while at Amazon. Foundation is absolutely the right place to start for large, complex sites or apps. This blog isn’t that. 3. Various template sites: I don’t have a lot of fancy personal photos to put up. I have a lot of text. 4. Just put it in a damn tumblr: I actually started to do that.

This site is currently built on top of Hugo because I’ve found I enjoy Go and because if your site does not absolutely need to be non-static it should be static.

I’m using Pure for CSS because it’s simple, tiny, and more than enough for what I’m doing here.

I didn’t see a reason to use JavaScript for anything yet; when I do, it’ll be using 140medley or something equally minimalist.

I used Draft to draft the first few posts.

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