On Language Choice

I’m still a huge fan of Python. Fantastic library support, generally available everywhere, an excellent REPL, and a stable package manager. Python also tends towards being cleanly expressive - there’s a great story at Google about a candidate who asked to write in pseudo-code and produced valid Python. Python is also old enough to have great Win32 bindings, Microsoft Excel bindings, and I’ve even managed to get it to speak Cocoa on occasion.

On Blog Construction

I have a giant (200-line) list of requirements for this blog. I’ve thrown the whole damn thing out. I might care about SEO, analytics, or OpenGraph in the future. Iterations I’ve gone through: 1. Custom Bootstrap solution: discarded because every Bootstrap site looks the same. 2. Custom Foundation solution: I love Zurb. They are great people, and I was fortunate to get to talk to them a bit while at Amazon.

On Tools

Working remotely means I can rely on the following things: My laptop Seriously. Nothing puts more pressure on your toolchain and methods than moving from desk to desk, hotel to hotel, and a series of shoddy internet connections. (I miss my Das Keyboard and high-dpi mouse something fierce.) I have a nice VM floating in a datacenter to work from - and in theory I can VNC/NX to it - but that’s a sucker’s game.