On Makefiles

Ted Dziuba wrote a fantastic post (on his old blog, archived here) on the merits of make. Go and take a look if you like; specifically, Makefile. 92 lines of Makefile reliably does the following, if and only if it’s necessary: Download and install the various tools needed Build a custom icon font Pull down the latest bits of CSS that power the blog Regenerate the various content pages Combine and compress the CSS Compact the HTML Pre-gzip everything - NFSN doesn’t support on-the-fly compression.

On Other Blogs

Thomas Bouldin is a bright guy who should write more. He is likely too busy to do so. Ted Dziuba consistently writes great opinion pieces. His older posts are also worth reading. Joel Sposky is something of a titan. Jeff Atwood is also something of a titan. Onethingwell has given me a giant list of interesting software to try. Some of it has made it in to my workflow.

On Blog Construction

I have a giant (200-line) list of requirements for this blog. I’ve thrown the whole damn thing out. I might care about SEO, analytics, or OpenGraph in the future. Iterations I’ve gone through: 1. Custom Bootstrap solution: discarded because every Bootstrap site looks the same. 2. Custom Foundation solution: I love Zurb. They are great people, and I was fortunate to get to talk to them a bit while at Amazon.

On Blogging

I’ve tried to start this blog at least four times. Reasons I’ve failed are numerous. Nothing to write about; working a low-level Microsoft job does not lead to an interesting life. Nothing to write about and no time to do it in; working at Amazon is a great way to get a crash course in crash courses. Too much writing going on already; any serious job hunt involves, or should involve, a lot of high-quality writing.